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I don't see much point in a Masterpiece Fortress... shrinking him down means losing most of the base mode's interactions with smaller figures, whereas keeping it a similar size to the original seems silly when it was just reissued. If it had a five year gap, maybe, but not within 18 months.
Well, it can't be worse off than MP01L and MP10? MP01L reissued, stated, for the Last time...and six months later, a new, much improved MP10 comes along for twice the cost.

I'm really, really curious to see how they'll pull Maximus if he's the one, he is the one I want the most, with Sabre and Dai Atlas inches behind him.

Though to be honest, I'm thinking of IDW Maximus, whereas the poll is for the japanese audience. Which series was the most popular one? Victory? Masterforce? Micron Legend? Who knows?

"Trouble" is, besides Maximus and the beast figures, everybody else on that poll combines with at least one more bot. Will, say, an MP Fire Convoy warrant an MP God Magnus? Victory Leo? Skyfire? Wing Saber?
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