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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper
Mind, it's Japan. G1 Convoy will win.
The choices are follows, so I assume Powermaster Prime? Other than Prime and Primal I literally don't give a shit if anyone else in the list gets a Masterpiece toy, and as some have pointed out making a Masterpiece Fortress Maximus would be kind of redundant since the original toy is big enough.

Originally Posted by Seibertron
-Fortress Maximus (G1)
-God Ginrai/Powermaster Prime (G1)
-Star Saber (Transformers: Victory)
-Dai Atlas (Transformers: Zone)
-Optimus Primal (Beast Wars)
-Lio Convoy (Beast Wars II)
-Big Convoy (Beast Wars Neo)
-Fire Convoy (Car Robots)
-Optimus Prime (Armada)
-Optimus Prime (Energon)
-Galaxy Convoy (Galaxy Force)

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