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Would work for Cliffy I think (seriously, how many people actually knew he was based on a Porsche until they hit the internet?)... Bumblebee would be tricky. He is still very recognisably a Beetle even in the cartoon thanks to the distinctive bonnet; it'd probably need to be even more generic on a toy.

But yeh, I do agree that's what they'll do when it comes down to it but I think Jazz and Bumblebee will suffer more due to being based on fairly distinctive cars. Windcharger will do better because there're lots of beefy American muscle cars and, well, HasTak already have a relationship with GM.

Brawn, Gears and Huffer are, IIRC, already have intentionally generic vehicle modes, drawing from a few different models of the time, so there'd be no problem just cloning their alt modes.

(and going back up a bit, more of an obstacle from Mirage might be Gitanes; though I suppose they could just put him out minus decals)
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