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Yeh... putting aside licensing problems and that I'll never be able to afford these things I'd be torn on how the Minibots are handled. Would people rather have Sunbow-scaled guys that come to about the waist of the regular cars and have cutesified generic alt modes? Or would they rather have - say - a Cliffjumper who's about the same height as Prowl, less maybe a head, and turns into a similar-scale realistic vehicle (if not maybe a Porsche or a VW)?

Seeing as Takara still have such a hard-on for the G1 cartoon I'd say the former is more likely, but this could be interesting. If I was buying the things I'd probably prefer the latter; while obsessive scaling isn't 100% necessary it'd be nice if they weren't as obviously out of whack as the G1 cars & Minibots are with each other.

On the other hand it'll make the Minibot guys (presumably) more affordable, which'd be nice - I probably would spring for an MP Cliffjumper at half the price (and half the shipping cost) of a regular MP, and a lot of people would probably feel the same about Bumblebee, Gears, Brawn...
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