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Yep, Wheeljack and Bumblebee are already preordered, sight-unseen.

Here's a thought: almost all of the MP figures thus far have had repaint value. AFAIK only MP Megatron hasn't had a secondary colour scheme thus far. Bumblebee could be repainted into Goldbug, Glyph and chrome gold G2 Bumblebee.

But Wheeljack? I just can't see it. I know there was a Diaclone Marlboro deco, but in this day and age I can't see that colour scheme ever seeing the light of day again.

So how do Takara cover their costs here? Shattered Glass Wheeljack? Black Nemesis Wheeljack?

If I had to choose, I have to say I really love Dead End, the rather garish WJ repaint in the Prime line. Any car that looks like it's just escaped from an explosion in a Stabilo Boss factory is okay with me!
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