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There are moulds that still haven't been repainted; Megatron and Grimlock [bar the exclusive "comic" version] are largely untouched.

The seeker mould is the biggest cashcow at the moment, followed by the lamborghini. Even before release, the datsun mould is almost on equal footing with the lamborghini.

I'm sure that when the time comes, they'll repaint Wheeljack into something or somebody else.

They've nearly got enough bots out to do movie themed decos. Bumblebee with black stripes, a silver Sideswipe, Optimus with flame decos, maybe even a blue Wheeljack.

They do have enough to go on to. And mind you, each Lamborghini release so far is more than straight up repaints; Red Alert has retooled parts and a new face and helmet. Tigertrack has the Sideswipe body, the Red Alert face and unchromed amazon sushi spoons as accessories. G2 Sideswipe has a completely different head an extra stuff.

While still reuses of the same mould, they do manage to stay unique.
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