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Comic Grimlock does put an idea in my head of what they could do; maybe make one version very close to the Sunbow model (cartoon head, the implified livery) and then a 'Real Type' style one more closely modelled on the Diaclone figure (toy-style head, accurate livery).

But TBH as said it could be that there's enough repaint potential in just about everyone else (Skids - Crosscut, the red one, ROTF; Trailbreaker - Diaclone variants and probably Hoist depending on how close they make Trailbreaker to the animation model; Tracks - Road Rage and the black one; Sunstreaker - red, police; Mirage - red version; Ironhide/Ratchet - black version, movie; Inferno/Grapple - Hauler, Artfire; Jazz - Stepper, G2 etc, etc - and all of this is without anyone actually thinking of anything new) that the odd mould which can't be used for much else probably won't do any harm.

Though another idea for Wheeljack would maybe be the BT/Alt scheme.
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