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Default BotCon toy reveals

Lots of new stuff so I figured a new thread was in order.

Fresh on the heels of me bitching about the fact that we see toys six-plus months before release...a bunch of 2014 toys!

Credit to TFW.

Beast Hunters Commanders.

You make a tiny little Bludgeon and don't base him on the inner robot? Fuck off!

Beast Hunters Deluxes. No, seriously.

Beast Hunters Legion

Beast Hunters Voyagers

None of this BH stuff appeals to me in the slightest. Are they seriously scaling up Legions and trying to pass them off as Deluxes? That's knockoff tier, Hasbro.

Generations Legends

The Legends are great. Cosmos is a big step up from the gawky Universe mold (elbows!), Swerve is going to make a lot of MTMTE fans giddy, Dogfight (I'm assuming that's who it's meant to be? It looks nothing like either Sky High) is a real surprise and Blast Master is even moreso.

Generations Voyagers

Rhinox isn't a surprise, since BW fans have been clamouring for him for ages. They did a great job though, if the pics are any indication. Doubledealer, though? Really? Not Flywheels or Overlord, who actually have the same alt-modes as Blitzwing? Alright, then...

Generations Deluxe

Waspinator is cool, but feels kinda unnecessary since the original is top-rate. Dreadwing is okay and Skids is a very pleasant surprise after Trailbreaker and Hoist turned out to be so bland.

Some non-stock photos of the toys

I look forward to not being able to find any of these in stores until March 2014, then having to drive across the city to buy them because they'll only be in stock for about six hours in one or two places.
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