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Generations Voyagers

Rhinox isn't a surprise, since BW fans have been clamouring for him for ages. They did a great job though, if the pics are any indication. Doubledealer, though? Really? Not Flywheels or Overlord, who actually have the same alt-modes as Blitzwing? Alright, then...
Had to search a little, but Rhinox was on the "to-do" list as far back as 2008. It's nice to see things come about if you wait long enough.

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You know...I kinda understand. I've long thought that the main-line toys were too complex to draw in many kids. Hasbro's motivations do make some sense. But this isn't the way to do it. You can do "simple" without becoming cheap, and this just smacks of cheap.
Simple, not cheap... the word "Armada" comes to mind. They lacked detail, but usually had a sound pack or something to make up for it.
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