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I have a feeling that all the MTMTE toys we're hearing about today were a very spur of the moment thing once the comic became a huge hit among the adult nerd set, so Hasbro probably had no idea they were doing a Voyager Whirl when they designed Ruination.

I'm actually pretty shocked they reacted this quickly to the comic's popularity though, since they took several years to get Drift to market after they jumped on that bandwagon.

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Simple, not cheap... the word "Armada" comes to mind. They lacked detail, but usually had a sound pack or something to make up for it.
If I was trying to design the perfect kid-friendly toy I'd look at the BW basics for inspiration. Either flip-changers or toys that usually had under five transformation steps, and yet they managed to have great articulation thanks to ball joints. I've only got a handful of modern toys that manage to pull off the same level of elegant simplicity -- Energon Treadshot and 2010 Hubcap are a couple that come to mind. That is what I'd been hoping to see, with the twenty-step transformation messes kept strictly on the collector side of the brand.

Armada is another decent example, though it focused more on gimmicks than I'd like. Gimmicks can become stale, but a toy with fun robot and alt-modes and a quick, satisfying transformation will always be a hit.

But this? This is going way, way too far.
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