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Some of them are great. Waspinator! Now I don't have to scour second-hand shops for reissue Waspinators. Rhinox! They made Rhinox look damn awesome! I think I'll get Skids as well... those wheel-missile things look great. Cosmos and Swerve look great as well, although I'm not particularly excited about them since I already own different versions of Cosmos and Swerve.

The 'Deluxe Legends'... like many above me, I don't really see the point. I guess I'm kinda... cheering for actually being able to have a shot at buying Sinnertwin and Cutthroat, more power if they actually combine, but anyone else kind of feels redundant. New Voyager Predaking just kicks off the current retail Predaking as something I might buy.

Don't really care all that much for the Prime line repaints at all. Doubledealer, Dreadwing, Goldbug etc are cool but meh. Rotgut does look kinda funny with that puke green paint scheme though.

As for other news... Shrapnel, Whirl, woot! Two of my favourite characters in one go! Tailgate's kinda great news as well and I'm probably going to buy him anyway, but is overshadowed by those two.
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