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Generations: I don't think anybody could have a valid complaint anymore. With Skids we've got all the DLX 84-86 cars made. Really loving Skids bot mode, car mode looks like animated though. Couldn't care less about Goldbug Bumbles but I do like Dreadwing and Waspinator.

Kind of ****ed up timing though, Hasbro promotes DLX Bumblebee with the worst spotlight to date, but before the figure is even released, they already upgraded him and solicited the figure. Way to kill the sales of the first Bee, Hasbro.

Rhinox looks fantastic, if only a tad shell form-ish. Reminds me of Big Convoy. Makes me look back on Universe Cheetor and Dinobot.

Swerve, Cosmos and Tailgate [not pictured] are a welcome addition. With all this CRAP timing, anybody feels like purchasing the Igear Swerve from me, shoot me a pm.

More than excited for Voyager Whirl.

----There's a picture taken from hasbro's slideshow with pictures of planned figures for 2013-14, the pictures are just images of the vintage artwork, but Whirl, Skywarp, Inferno, Blaster and Defensor are there. Whirl is announced, they said they'll do Skywarp [FOC] Defensor Gestalt at some point?

Prime Beast Hunters: Remember those dollar knock offs that were scaled up figures? This is essentially what's happening. CRAP. I feel sorry for the poor kid who asks for a DLX Bumblebee and gets a scaled up cyberverse. Possibly the poorest move Hasbro has done in most of my time as a fan. Prices stay the same. Combiner ports left out on all abominus sub figures.

SDCC Exclusive Metroplex? I bet we'll see this soar to 200-300 USD within a week of release. Considering FOC Bruticus was much smaller and cost 100 USD retail, with him being around 240 now, I'm really laughing at the nerd rage that will ensue once SDCC Metroplex is out.
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