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Meh. Tried to read the first novel [the one where Pax becomes Optimus] and stopped at his blabbering in the chamber when Megatron killed that Senator.

This doesn't look any better. They're shoehorning every G1 bot and concept into the alignment universe [ie Prime universe] and thinking it fits.

And at this point I've grown extremely tired of prequel stories promising unheard of battles and epic struggles and the keeper of the matrix fighting the battle that will forever change the shape of the universe, or Megatron facing an unstoppable threat that changes everything [see the pattern?] only to...

Come to a conclusion where everything is restored to its status quo, miserable as that is [Prime with very few on Earth, Megatron missing, Decepticons wandering aimlessly] and no mention of said events anywhere.

It happened with Autocracy, it's happening with Monstrosity, movie prequel stories, and this.

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