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I dunno... I think they might be onto something with trying to make the "kid" figures a bit simpler. The more complex figures just don't seem to be making the connection. While that Bee looks crappy there's plenty of wriggle-room in the equation and if Generations is there to stave off nerd rage what's the harm? Sales will be the telling factor; I'd suspect a lot more parents would go for something simple that they'll be able to do. I don't like the idea of Transformers being intimidating for under-10s, because I wouldn't be here now if it had been and neither would most of you.
Well, I don't think anyone is against the idea of simpler designs as a whole. The criticism comes from the fact that they're just enlarging things that were designed to be half the size. The Legends toys work since, at their size and price, the simplification and lack of detail are expected. But if they just enlarge the toys as they're doing, all those flaws are enlarged with them and the whole thing just looks cheap.

As I say, the movie lines (well, at least the first two) got the spring-loaded fast-action battlers or whatever they were called, and they filled that niche. They also seemed to sell poorly next to the 'regular' transformers. Making the beast hunters even cheaper looking isn't going to help them, so I still think they'll die off in two or three waves.
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