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Some interesting stuff there - but not all 'interesting' good.

I really love the look of Generations Swerve and Skids (despite the elfish face). Dreadwing is also a much better homage to the G2 figure than the Tokyo Toy Show exclusive (despite nor having Smokescreen or the signature shoulder gatling missile launcher) and I'll probably get him too. Legends Cosmos looks good, but I'm already happy with the Universe 2.0 version - I'm not sure what the need was for another, while other classic characters remain untouched. I could end up picking up the IDW Megatron Origin styled Legends figure in a moment of weakness (I'm currently enjoying reading the comics) but could go either way.

Voyager BW Rhinox looks amazing - very well done. But I really have no interest in Transformers that turn into realistic animals (although invertebrates can work better than vertebrates). Still, well done to the designers. Despite liking Transformers that turn into invertebrates, Waspinator has never really done anything for me.

Generations Doubledealer is awful. I am a big fan of Doubledealer, and would no doubt pick up any homage to him that's half decent, but that thing is not even quarter decent. The mould does not work, no matter how much paint effort is put in (I can see they have tried as much as they can - it's just a stupid idea in the first place that could never work). And, of course, he's missing his signature shoulder missile - what's with everyone missing their shoulder weapons?

And on to Beast Hunters - what a disappointment! The Prime lines have been my favourite Transformers toys ever. Especially RID, but Beast Hunters has been pretty good (well, based on Deluxe Smokescreen, Deluxe Ripclaw and Ultimate Predaking - still awaiting more, and no in to the remoulds). Don't get me wrong, First Edition are amazingly engineered, but they're not much use for kids. So I understand where Hasbro is coming from with the idea of simplifying things to reconnect with their target market - but scaling up Cyberverse figures is just tacky! They end up looking worse than their G1 namesakes often! I thought Prime RID struck a great balance of style, simplicity and playability - especially after the overly complex movie lines, Prime First Edition and to a lesser extent Generations. There's no reason they could not have gone further down the route of simplification if they needed to, but with style. So, yeah, big disappointment there, but, then, I had thought the Prime lines were ending anyway.

Oh, and yup, there are stacks of versions of Predaking flying around. If you do need a Beast Hunters version, I'd recommend the Ultimate version - he's nicely detailed and massively imposing. (And he's easy enough for a kid to transform, but it all works nicely.)
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