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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
Or release a Voyager class Insecticon instead of Thundertron... people'd still know who the bugs are, whereas Thundertron is an ugly thing.
Hey! Thundertron rocks man! (And is actually an original non-G1 inspired character!)

He's a space pirate (with his own faction symbol) with a peg leg in robot mode - and I love that you remove the lion mode foot to create the peg leg! It's totally barmy stuff, but I love it!

I actually really like the figure, but I have never seen any Prime cartoons either - I would be pretty peeved if a totally original random weird guy like Thundertron saw release while Breakdown didn't.

In fact, I'd rather Breakdown anyway...

And I really wish Voyager Skyquake had seen a proper release - I hope to track him down one day, but won't pay the ridiculous scalper prices.

Yup, the Prime line has been a bit poorly handled for sure. But it's even worse in the UK!

It has been my fave line in ages though - probably fave ever actually. They're beginning to kill my interest with where things are going with Beast Hunters though. I like the Predacons (although one version of each is enough for me - repaints can stay on the shelf, but I may buy Cryofire Predaking as I don't have the Voyager mould, and he could be Scourge), and Ultimate Predaking is awesome looming over the rest of the figures (I dunno what the scale is meant to be, but it seems fitting for him to be the largest in my collection anyway, taking on Voyager Prime and the various Deluxes). But I really don't care for the random Beast Hunters themed remoulds of previous figures, and the upscaled Cyberverse figures on the horizon.

It seems to me that Beast Hunters was the swansong of the Prime line, and for whatever reason Hasbro have decided to carry it forward beyond its natural end with random repaints and Cyberverse upscales. I could be wrong, but it just feels that way...
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