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It seems to me that Beast Hunters was the swansong of the Prime line, and for whatever reason Hasbro have decided to carry it forward beyond its natural end with random repaints and Cyberverse upscales. I could be wrong, but it just feels that way...
Yeah, Beast Hunters is the final throw of the dice. All these mental recolours and rettols and oversized Legends that are mooted for early 2014 just seem to be there to fill the void until the new film rolls around. Or just because there's an absence of anything better to put out.

Actually, if Hasbro are now upscaling Legends in the manner of knock off merchants Funtastic, just imagine what horrors any new Movie line will bring...

As for Voyager Skyquake, I found mine at Home Bargains whom recently cleared through a ton of Prime stuff (all in US packaging), as did B&M. I picked him up over Thundertron. I did like that Thundertron was his own guy, non-affiliated and very angry...but he just seemed out of place.

I have to agree that aside from the miserable paint applications and the kerfuffle over Voyager Breakdown (cheers Hasbro), Prime has been a great, great line. The Vehicon mould is one of my very favourite Transformers toys ever. It's a beautiful thing. I loved it so much I made it my first army builder, and have a squad of of 7 now I'd like a Jet Vehicon (or 3), but i don't think Hasbro will be bringing them to western shores, sadly (another decision i don't understand). Even the Legion/ Cyberverse toys have largely been a good bunch (and improved upon for Beast Hunters will solid plastic weapons, rather than the fruit gums previous assortments got).
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