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Default Custom Class Info & Artist John-Paul Bove

TFcon 2013 Custom Class Exclusive Decepticharge
TFcon is happy to reveal the 2013 custom class figure “Transformers Prime Decepticharge”. Instructed by customizing veterans DAK, Nemesis Predaking, Plowking and Chans formers, this class will take you through the real customizing process from start to finish, taking a toy and transforming it into a new character. Using a new head sculpt, paint, stickers and several hours of focus, all skill levels can learn how to create their own custom toy in this class where everything you need will be provided. There are still spots open for the Sunday class which you can register for here:

Transformers Comic Book Artist John-Paul Bove to attend TFcon 2013
TFcon is pleased to welcome UK-based artist John-Paul Bove to the convention this year. Bove is best known to Transformers fans for his work colouring the Regeneration One book for IDW. He will be available throughout the weekend, digitally colouring your black and white sketches and signing your comics.
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