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It's actually more messed up than that...
  • ToysRUs originally listed MP Soundwave, along with Acidstorm and a number of exclusives from a variety of lines that are all scheduled for release on the 18th to coincide with SDCC, back at the beginning of the month. The listings were of a informational nature, not preorders or anything, and had a note indicating they weren't on sale until the 18th.
  • Early last week, at around midnight EST, the ToysRUs ebay store suddenly listed Soundwave and the other items for sale. Not pre-order but actual sale. In something like 20 minutes, 105 Soundwaves sold and the listing ended due to limited quantities. After some amount of time, half hour or an hour, a fresh listing went up with another 100 Soundwaves selling out in about 30 minutes. That happened 2 more times during the night before it finally stopped after 3am. All told, 405 Soundwaves sold, with several of them being bought in groups of 10 by some people.
  • Those who ordered recieved confirmation emails at or shortly after the time of purchase, and paid for their orders like usual.
  • A few hours later during the morning, people started getting notification that their orders were being cancelled due to the listing having been a mistake. At around the same time the TRU website listings for all the items were taken down. Refunds were issued as part of the order cancellations, though due to Paypal and banks and what not, some people's money ended up being in limbo for a few days.
  • Those that ordered and had them cancelled took to voicing their complaints through various means: negative ebay feedback, TRU's Facebook page, directly calling the company. A lot of them were given 10% discount offers to use later, usually with the note that a call to customer service would be needed to utilize them.
  • Friday rolls around and a guy from over at the TFW2005 boards gets a UPS delivery that turns out to be the MP Acidstorm he ordered, paid for, had cancelled on him, and was refunded for. (After some back and forth between him and TRU on what to do, he ends up being told to keep it).
  • And now today a handfull of the people who ended up with the cancelled orders are reporting that they've been banned by the TRU ebay store. Seemingly done at random as one left no feedback, and atleast one did leave a negative, with profanity.

As for being able to look up Soundwave in the system, despite the listing being removed, people have had success in getting info by using the SKU or some other number. TFW2005's thread on Soundwave and Acidstorm has a few numbers, including the UPC. One of them should help the guest-services people in tracking them down.
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Manufacturer #: A4348
Anyway, most people asking for info were told that Soundwave was at the various distribution centers and would likely arrive at the stores the night of the 17th/morning of the 18th to go on sale that day, with some places maybe not getting them until Friday. There was also an odd mention from someone that FLA stores (I assume Florida) won't get them in for a week or two, so it seems it may vary from area to area.

Odds are the only way to really know if a store will have them on Thursday is to go in on Thursday and look/ask. Some have suggested going in Wednesday night and asking if they've arrived, and if so seeing if they can hold one for Thursday morning.

EDIT: Yeah, some of the people who got cancelled orders got different reasons for the cancellation. Out of stock and mistaken listing were among them
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