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I bet it's a right nightmare being a retailer in this day and age. We used to have stuff go wrong with pricing errors and things going on sale/ being listed when they shouldn't at the now -defunct Office Supply chain I used to work at. You get this across your various shopping channels these days and you end up in a right mess.

Mistakes happen, but I imagine TRU had no idea how prickly TF fans can be! I know unfulfilled orders where money has changed hands are a nightmare sometimes, but its not the end of the world. No one died, after all. And its just toys.

The bans on the ebay store are surprising, but I guess if people have been abusive and rude they shouldn't be surprised. Perhaps TRU have decided they can do without the business of a group of excitable men-children..?

Reminds me of all those hilarious "its not fair" reviews on Amazon after that MP Prime debacle.
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