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Ok, for the anyone who still cares...
As I noted earlier, Soundwave went up on the TRU site at about 5:15am, and was effectively sold out an hour later at 6:15. Sporadically throughout the day, about 2-3 times, the listing reactivated briefly and people were able to get an order in (likely due to a few of the orders from earlier in the day being cancelled for one reason or another). But all told, it's sold out for now.
As an aside, Acid Storm didn't go up until sometime well after Soundwave and took longer to sell out.

As one might expect, people aren't happy about the quick sell out and the odd time it went up. Lots of calls made to TRU, etc. Standard response people are getting now is that more will be available sometime in August.
The best explanation of things is a rundown someone gave of their call to TRU customer service. To be taken with a grain of salt, this being TRU and all...
Alright, I decided to beat a dead horse and called TRU's 1-800 number, and after getting passed around several times (because they couldn't answer my questions, and I wouldn't give up), I talked to someone who gave me this rundown:

Today's online offerings were very limited to coincide with SDCC - today's not the "official TRU release" (her words) of either of the MPs. Hasbro wanted to sell them at SDCC, but because they're TRU exclusives, TRU got a small allocation to sell online.

The "official TRU release" will happen in mid or late August (she didn't know any dates), both online and in stores. There WILL NOT be any MPs in stores until then. They will have "significantly more" online then than they did today, and stores will "be well stocked." She said both Hasbro and TRU anticipated a high demand, and that they expect there to be enough to satisfy that demand "at least for a while," whatever that means.

She also acknowledged that the timing wasn't really well done. They're getting a ton of calls about this, and she said most of customer service people are just saying its out of stock, check back later. She reassured me there will be more in August for the "official TRU release."

I'm taking this for what it is - more info from TRU that may or may not be correct. It does jibe with what their FB page has been saying - more online and in stores in August.

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