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From the 'fanmade character poll' from some time ago, we've gotten 'Windblade' the female Decepticon Drift samurai apparently. (looks like a retool of the Armada Starcream mold to me. (Also some random Minicon combiner dude)

WHIRL AND SHRAPNEL! These two excite me more than any other toy revealed so far, and I am loving them immensely. Shrapnel's head is a wee bit too small, but hey! (Is that giant gun a transformed Reflector? Whoa!) Whirl looks as awesomely awkward and weird as ever.

Tailgate looks wonderful, although I'm a bit worried about the tiny comic-accurate feet. Scoop looks grand in that he's just a generic-looking Autobot but he's 100% accurate to the original toy and he comes with little guys that turn into guns, hey! Armada Starscream likewise looks great (his jet mode's a bit iffy though), but he'll probably be passed over in the influx of G1 and BW toys.

Nice to see some Beast Wars guys (Wolfang!) getting Constructobots treatment, which, considering the Constructabots' character picking scheme, probably means a toy of them is scheduled sometime down the line.
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