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I would imagine that the choices do have a lot to do with "which ones are in desperate need of an update?".

I mean, Beast Wars onwards we had well-articulated toys which can still hold up reasonably well today, apart from Armada Prime of course, which is why I'm not surprised to see him in top three, not to mention with all the reissues/redecos/whatever of Primal, I can see why he didn't win.

The only surprise to me really is Dai Atlas, considering how precious little material he actually had a chance to appear in; one OVA and an issue of manga that was just an adaptation of the OVA and a bunch of story pages. Star Saber at least has a whole cartoon and a manga series to back him up.

Also surprised that Super Ginrai didn't win. I guess he isn't Convoy enough, but considering the winners, maybe he was TOO much Convoy even for the Japanese
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