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Not much idea on the details... will be there Saturday, going to try to make it for the start, Dalek's there for the weekend and was planning to meet him around that point/time.

Dealers are, I assume, mostly stuff that isn't at UK retail, so I'd guess higher. Not a great deal I'm after toy-wise, most already pre-ordered, but if they've got the original Demolition Crue pair that'd be a maybe, plus some artist/writer convention-specific stuff, would like to get something signed by James Roberts, etc. Otherwise I'm pretty easy, no real plans.

Apparently some dealers should have card facilities... otherwise there're definitely cash points nearby at the NEC / Birmingham International rail station. I've been to the venue before a few times, but for work. Am likely to drive and then get train into B'ham.

Probably best to exchange numbers via FB or something over the next few days.
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