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The trick with dealers is none of them want to take any stock home with them, if you try and hold off till Sunday for the more expensive items you'll haggle a decent discount.

But of course, the tension comes over whether or not they'll sell out before you make your move. It's as dramatic as an episode of 24.

Often playing the "There's a dealer over there selling this five pounds cheaper, how about six pounds less if I get it from you?" card will work as well.

There's probably a wacky sitcom somewhere in Two Stuarts, A Greek and His Sister.

In terms of my own bagsies, I want a Springer, and maybe a TRU Soundwave if there are any and they're roughly rightly priced. Nick Roche is apparently bringing a bit of Spotlight: Megatron and MTMTE 6 art to sell (along with Infestation, but I'm not so hot on that) which I may have a punt at depending on price.

If anyone has missed the update, all round nice bloke Geoff Senior is now attending as well.

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