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Trailbreaker looked pretty good in TRU. I'd already got one in the mail by that point.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
maybe a TRU Soundwave if there are any and they're roughly rightly priced.
Yeah, ditto, but I doubt it. Not in massive rush.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
If anyone has missed the update, all round nice bloke Geoff Senior is now attending as well.
Just saw on Facebook... angling to get the same copy of End of the Road I've got Furman and Wildman signatures in rounded out, in that case. That has been a bit of a grail, and not something that's seemed realistic before now.

Could go for SL:Megs art, possibly.

Think I'll just bring that TPB and Eugenesis... can get prints/sketches/scripts for signatures.

Are you still bringing those G2 issues?

Effectively a non-smoker these days, never really took it up as a habit in the first place... I just lived with stoners through university. Happy to get fresh air, though, there's only so much dealer-room stuff you can do at conventions.

Now just need to get through the week and catch up on sleep a bit, in the interest of not coming across like a more negative version of Spider Jerusalem.

edit: checklist -- 3rd party jumpstarters, MP SW, Senior, Roche, Milne, Roberts.

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