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So that was a fun weekend, Denyer and Knightdramon are both cool dudes, as is Knightdramon's charming sister. There should be some nice "proper" pictures along soon, but for now here's my own photo of those three, see if you can guess who is who:

In other news: James Roberts reads our discussion threads on MTMTE (well, he reads all the forums, but I like to think we're special). He is also aware of my website, so you should all read it so you can be aware of it as well.

This was the year when I'd reached the point where Roberts remembered having met me before. It made the whole stalking thing much harder I can tell you. He jokingly (at least I think jokingly, the chloroform was kicking in at that point) commentated on how I've been slightly unfair in the amount of times I've compared his plot points to things from Red Dwarf (though this was a few hours after he'd pointed out the pods in Last Stand of the Wreckers were based on the front section of Starbug).

So just for fun, we should torment him by using the MTMTE 20 thread to try and find a Red Dwarf comparison in every panel.

And my major haul:

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