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Smile Auto Assembly 2013 News

Not much in the way of big news this year (I think cards are being played very close to the chest over Dark Cybertron), but the general tidbits

[Anything in square brackets is just my speculation and/or bad comedy].

The -acy Series:

When the video where Fint Dille introducted himself as a guest for 2014 was played he called himself the author of Monstrosity, Autocracy, and "Primeacy", so presumably that's going to be the third of that series (and indeed, he mentioned it so casually it may well have been announced elsewhere and I've just missed it).

[So they've already run out of actually words ending in "Acy"?]

ReGeneration One:

Andrew Wildman revealed the cover to issue 96 [Which I don't think he was supposed to do, but that's Wildman for you] which is a deliberate mirror of the one to the free comicbook day issue with Rodimus Prime in place of Optimus.

"Issue Zero" started off life as a proposed Annual, the idea of calling it issue zero initially had no connection to the zero point story but Furman liked the idea so much he wound up linking the two more directly.

Jose Delbo physically posted his art to IDW, resulting in them having to scan it and then email it to themselves in order to get it in their normal art system.

The fight between Galvatron and Ultra Magnus in issue 94 will "Homage" the one in Target: 2006 [Because obviously that's something that wasn't done too well first time round and would be improved by a re-hash].

Both Grimlock's plot to lose his Action Master body and the headmaster heads one were things that would have happened back in the 90's if the comic had continued [That seems unlikely to me- especially as I'm fairly sure last year Furman said the Headmasters thing wasn't something he thought of till after selling the idea of Reg to IDW- but we are talking quarter century old memories].

The two ongoings:

Dark Cybertron and what follows at the start of next year will introduce a lot of [Generations toyline?] new characters.

MTMTE will being going in a new direction for its second "season" after the crossover [hardly surprising as they've now found the Knights of Cybertron] that will see the status quo shaken up. The Scavengers and the DJD won't be showing up again till next year either.

The reveal about Ultra Magnus wasn't inspired by his toy (Roberts had actually forgotten about the mini-white Prime). [I think he would also like me to say he wasn't thinking of Ace Rimmer either]

Roberts was selling the heavily annotated script to issue 6, and I think the most interesting thing is in the original synopsis done when planning out the series Maximus would have died at the end and the [presumably not called The Lost Light at this point as there's a description of a scene in Swerve's of characters arguing over a moniker] ship would have been named in his honour at the end.

And I'd forgotten about the bit where Skids points out Magnus isn't much like how he used to be back in the day FORESHADOWING.
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