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Wonder whether Furman heard any of the panel bits about Arcee? (Basically all of the younger creators disavowed anything to do with the characterisation.) Although I'm sure he'd have denied intending to suggest "female" is a mentally unbalancing aberration, and focused on the outcome simply being Jhiaxus's meddling.

Little bit surprised that Megatron: Origin pre-dating the spotlight by some margin and introducing similar body shells (pretty logically -- race of alien robots that mimic other cultures, after all) wasn't mentioned, though, at least IIRC.

It's hard to reconcile Jhiaxus as a Frankenstein type character and creating Monstructor, Arcee, etc. with much of the rest of the history we've seen in flashbacks. Him and Nova Prime seem too much larger-than-life cackling stereotypes, and whilst the Marvel US style annual one-shot was fun it dialed any characterisation back to that era as well.

The fact that TFs draw from many other cultures for alt-modes and general interest is something I'm hoping Roberts gets around to working in -- it'd be quite new; other than a few Autobots going "native" such as Hound and Jazz (and profiles of monstrous Pretender shells, etc) it doesn't get much discussion.

I'm worried by Dark Cybertron...
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