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Originally Posted by Auntie Slag View Post
Also in that photo you linked to, is that Repugnus on the table?
Mmm. Still not entirely sure why the figure has the backpack.

Tempted to find something highly flammable and see if I can get the flint sparks (which still work a bit) to make it catch. Our generation got all of the fun gimmicks back in the day.

Also got Eugenesis and a favourite page of a US #75 reprint signed by Mssrs Roberts and Senior respectively, which really made the day. And a print of Megatron beating the snot out of Springer, which I assume has something to do with Regeneration One* but was just a nice classic bit of art. Will probably have a look at ReGen when it's finished, if Furman puts a reasonable ending on it.

*Apparently the RI cover to #84:
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