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Blinkin' eck, see that's a shot where Megatron looks properly dangerous. I never liked how in the Marvel UK series he went from being genuinely evil and nasty to pantomime villain.

Shockwave had the edge, being utterly cold and calculating. I remember however, feeling utterly robbed reading some of the final issues of the UK comic. They were written by Furman, yet he'd had some kind of lobotomy as far as Shockwave was concerned, affixing silly TV-computer style talk to his speech bubbles:

Interrogative: You are too emotional to be a Decepticon leader. Conclusion: One concentrated blast of my purple wrist cannon will atomise you blah blah blah...

Hated that.

But yes, Megatron punching Springer into the ground like that, you could imagine the exact same scene with Galvatron and Magnus, with Galv sporting the same expression.

And Eugenesis signed by Roberts too! I'd personally go for his brain in a jar wired up to a word processor, perhaps with a circa '83 Steve Martin for accompaniment.

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