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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Wonder whether Furman heard any of the panel bits about Arcee? (Basically all of the younger creators disavowed anything to do with the characterisation.) Although I'm sure he'd have denied intending to suggest "female" is a mentally unbalancing aberration, and focused on the outcome simply being Jhiaxus's meddling.
Though I should say for those who weren't there that they didn't randomly decide to have a go at Arcee and it was a bit more polite than that. There was a question along the lines of "What they hell are you thinking with Arcee?" which got the fairly polite response of "We weren't thinking anything, it wasn't our idea we've just since had to work with what's been established" (and they were very careful not to say either way what they personally thought of it, even if it felt fairly implicit "Alex only drew her Spotlight!").

James and Nick talked about how the background characters in Megatron: Origin were something they were cheerfully allowed to ignore during the Overlord panel on the Friday (as in, his appearance there became something of an exception as Roberts has since incorporated it into MTMTE), and indeed Nick did sheepishly say "the guy who drew it may be watching..."

EDIT:Though that's not as harsh as it sounds, the IDW teams do seem to have a good solid piss take based friendship.
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