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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Mmm. Milne particularly seems to revel in the Alan Moore type full script... was I dreaming or did someone say "mummy and daddy are fighting again" at one point?
Yeah, that was Mr. Roche (or at least something very like that anyway).

I do think Milne seemed badly jet-lagged (either that or he's never met anyone called Stuart before as he seemed to find my name a bit confusing even when the person sat with him wrote it out for him), which may have made him a bit more acerbic than normal (or at least in comparison to podcast interviews I've heard with him) in the panel.

Though name-confusion aside he was perfectly nice when I spoke to him, he just looked like he needed a good nap (I didn't run into him on the Sunday so he may have been much more settled by then).
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