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Other convention memories:

Everyone being very polite at my strange urge to talk about the brilliance of Dean Stockwell for an hour.

The 12 year old who knew more about the Marvel and IDW comics than pretty much everyone else there (he was also a regeneration one fan, but had the excuse of being 12 years old).

Going for a drink during the party and coming back and sitting on the wrong table with a bunch of strangers like a wacky sitcom character.

Me being the only person who thought Andrew Griffith looked like Nathon Fillion.

A conversation I was having with Chris McFeely about Dreamwave being interrupted as Andrew Turnbull started laughing so hard he turned the same colour I imagine Elvis must have been just before he died as he friend told him an increasing disturbing joke about the Saturdays (that's the girl band for all you old folks out there).
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