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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
Roberts said he's planning to tackle the DJD after Dark Cybertron. He's very familiar of the theory of "Tarn is Roller" [that I should print on a Tshirt soon].
Though he's mainly familiar with it thanks to you

He'll probably have Roller turn out to be the new Ultra Magnus and make Tailgate Tarn just to confound the big theory each one of us has.

Roberts also hinted something along the lines of "the character from another series that people want to see? He's up soon", which to me cryptically spells Rhinox in some capacity. In a podcast interview from yesterday, he also revealed that there's going to be a Deluxe Generations Rattrap.
The Rattrap thing is the least surprising news ever. Rhinox sounds very plausible (or at least inevitable) for the other character as well. Though I'm hard pressed to think of anyone people have been really clamouring for.

For those interested, the podcast mentioned (which has gone up gonzo quick) can be found here*, I shall be listening whilst going to buy an envelope for the SUPER SECRET surprise I'm sending Red Dave Prime:

*At least I assume it's the shame one, how many Podcasts can one man do in a weekend?
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