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Roberts said he's planning to tackle the DJD after Dark Cybertron. He's very familiar of the theory of "Tarn is Roller" [that I should print on a Tshirt soon].
So it'll be kind of definitely not Roller? Though if Roller became a DJD member it's kind of a given that he's the informant mentioned in Bullets, no?

(Should get around to reviewing Bullets)

Originally Posted by Knightdramon
He's hinting that we may be looking at a series multiverse in the comics as well.
We've already got a crazy Hot Rod multiverse panel in the last issue. Not very excited, Regeneration One has been plodding on with its plot threads that don't seem to go nowhere... Hot Rod has been angsting about being a leader for half a year now.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon
Roberts also hinted something along the lines of "the character from another series that people want to see? He's up soon", which to me cryptically spells Rhinox in some capacity.
Would love to see a Roberts-penned Rhinox, considering Barber botched up Rattrap and turned him into Swindle or something.

Don't think people have been clamoring for Rhinox. I'd say Waspinator, but then he's already appeared.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon
In a podcast interview from yesterday, he also revealed that there's going to be a Deluxe Generations Rattrap.
Oh yay!
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