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[QUOTE=Knightdramon;732503]The strange thing is that I met more people going for a smoke outside than INSIDE the convention.[quote]

You did seem to make one very good smoking friend on the Saturday night (a very nice woman, but when I ran into her on the Sunday morning she was mainly asking when you would turn up). :;

The 12 year old was shocking, but I still think he memorised really well what his dad or mom told him so he can ask all the questions they want and not be debunked all the time.
I did think it was a good idea the Eggheads quiz didn't patronise him by fiddling the contest to let him in the final just because he was a kid. I must admit to being biased against him though because I'm just about of the right age (and I'm guessing Denyer will know what I'm talking about?) to remember when they had an insanely scary and evil looking 12 year old antiques expert as a guest on Wogan. I just sort of expect kids like that to wind up EVIL.

Which isn't fair on them of course.

It was kind of amazing we wound up basically babysitting some very young children sat in front of us during the one talk where the parents couldn't be arsed to watch them. I think the father (?) made a couple of brief tokenistic "Don't talk to strangers" style comments but was otherwise happy to be able to listen to James Roberts uninterrupted whilst we had to put up with all the questions and picking up the little green car the one boy had everytime he threw it on the floor just because he knew we'd pick it up.

Though I did get to say "One eyed monster" to the one child in an entirely acceptable context, so which made it worthwhile.

That table thing was fun, dalek, and the funniest thing is that I still owe you for that coke I never paid back
Well you have to come next year now to buy me one back.

Though I may have been paid back by using the photo I took of you, Marian and Denyer in a discussion with some friends who said "So it was just like The Big Bang Theory then?".

I just showed them that picture, pointed at your sister and said "Ah no, it's totally different because the good looking woman is actually one of the geeks as well rather than a slightly puzzled outsider AH HA! You are wrong!"

They tried to counter by saying there were some female geeks in Big Bang Theory but I think I won by creating confusion via a Smokescreen style smokescreen by getting everyone mixed up on the difference between Greeks and geeks.
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