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And having listened to the podcast, some extra things (some of which may have been mentioned in the panel and I just forgot):

Cyclonus' missing horn is a plot point and not just to annoy Ziggy.

Shadowplay wasn't part of the original plan for the series, it and the Orion Pax stuff in RID were a result of Hasbro asking for there to be "More Optimus Prime" in the first year of the comic.

Despite that Roberts now regards Shadowplay as the middle of a trilogy that began with Chaos Theory and will conclude at some point in the second year, featuring the return of characters like Roller (Knightdramon: YAY!).

James doesn't currently consider the DJD to be real characters, more a series of personality bullet points that need fleshing out in their next apperance. (Which doesn't make it sound as if Roller is one of them... Knightdramon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!).

Issue 22 will be the Skids toy pack in comic.

Roberts has only had two constaints put upon him from Hasbro:

No swearing (and those with the issue six script will know there were originally going to be a couple of "#?#!#" style lines).

A storyline about a memory virus that spread through characters sharing experiences was vetoed. He didn't mind this so much though as the stuff he really liked from that idea was eventually used when Chromedome went through Overlord's memories.

One thing that was mentioned in panel which I'd forgotten:

The Scavengers might not seem so likeable when we revisit them. The intent with having the DJD be introduced with them was to have the most horrible and evil characters in that same story so what were effectively the leads in Krok's crew would seem sympathetic in comparison. In a story with more Autobots... they're going to seem more Decepticon-ey.

That said, nothing after Dark Cybertron has [At the time of the convention and the podcast recording] been planned out in anything other than the most broad strokes. The first thing Roberts was going to have to do on his return from AA [Or in other words... now] was plan out all the beats for everything from issues 23 to...



I think he said 40 in the podcast as just a representative example but I'm holding him to it.

The podcast itself is well worth a listen as I'm just paraphrasing here, and the motto for the approach to the writing of the MTMTE ("Everything matters") is kind of awe inspiring when he lays down the full extent of what that means.
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