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Ooh just ooh i are excited.

Except for the stuff about Beast Wars characters popping up. This is probably just another weird personal foible of mine, but I am not keen on characters from what - in my head are- completely separate continuities and universes suddenly just being wedged into what is a revamped G1 continuity. Lockdown. There's another. I know the TF Universe is massive and there's been a planet full of the things, but still ... it just seems a bit ..'eh, lets stick fan character x in for well, why not?'. I'm too precious.

I'm not familar with fanwank female Seeker character. Must've missed that one. I hope she doesn't have a metal vagina (She probably does knowing how some minds work). And isn't some dreadful abomination like Arcee, because Jesus H Jones, female robots are just so weird.

If there's female robots, there's female robots. Why not? I don't mind them.

...watching Pamela Stephenson's 'Move Over darling' series during my formative years really has had a strange effect on me.
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