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It was kind of amazing we wound up basically babysitting some very young children sat in front of us during the one talk where the parents couldn't be arsed to watch them.
Eh, they were alright. The PA was so loud it wasn't as if anything was actually going to distract anyone. And apparently there is actually an audience for those cars with no transformation apart from the flip-out weapons.

"Don't talk to strangers"
I think it was more to the effect of not waving toys in people's faces, which he wasn't particularly.

From the surname I assume these -- i.e. those three were only half of them

Reminds me, I really must look into heat-based vasectomy.

I'm guessing Denyer will know what I'm talking about?) to remember when they had an insanely scary and evil looking 12 year old antiques expert
Denyer's pretty hazy on things that happened last week, and doesn't recall ever watching Wogan. Something to do with Antiques Roadshow Junior, perhaps?
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