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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
Eh, they were alright. The PA was so loud it wasn't as if anything was actually going to distract anyone. And apparently there is actually an audience for those cars with no transformation apart from the flip-out weapons.
I know, I'm a grumpy, horrible old man. I do think it was fairly obvious that the panel wasn't of any interest to the kids whatsoever it was more than a bit unfair to make them sit there for that long with only the three weirdos sitting behind them as a distraction. If you're going to bring children that young with you you're going to have to make sacrifices during the long talky bits (and if there were two parents there the sensible thing would have been for them to alternate who got to sit and listen and who got to take the kids off either to look at the toys, do one of the workshops or go do something in Birmingham for a bit).

yes, backseat parenting from a man with no children. That's what I do.

I think it was more to the effect of not waving toys in people's faces, which he wasn't particularly.
I don't think other than those couple of tokenistic remarks, the father was really paying much attention to anything other than the panel he was watching.

Denyer's pretty hazy on things that happened last week
Ah, that's why you looked confused when that one child called you "Daddy".
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