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Cyclonus' missing horn is a plot point and not just to annoy Ziggy.
I think it's a plot to annoy Ziggy.

For a second I thought Ziggy was the dude who requested the interviewer to ask Roberts the question. Still am not convinced it's not.

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
A storyline about a memory virus that spread through characters sharing experiences was vetoed.
I think it's implied that the general idea that the entire ongoing was going to be an anthology, and not just a short arc or whatever, no?

Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
The Scavengers might not seem so likeable when we revisit them. The intent with having the DJD be introduced with them was to have the most horrible and evil characters in that same story so what were effectively the leads in Krok's crew would seem sympathetic in comparison. In a story with more Autobots... they're going to seem more Decepticon-ey.
I very much like this. I mean, I don't mind someone like, say, Misfire or Crankcase acting like a dufus most of the time, but I really want to see Krok and especially Spinister be treated as dangerous (if fun) characters. I think this is a pretty unique way of introducing a group of villainous characters by portraying them as sympathetic first.


Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
the motto for the approach to the writing of the MTMTE ("Everything matters") is kind of awe inspiring when he lays down the full extent of what that means.
And James Roberts brings up a point from issue... four about a scene in a bar or something which got me flipping back and, yeah, I missed it as well. And a lot of foreshadowing about Ultra Magnus and stuff are being laid out.

Am going to sit down, go back and read the entire series soon.

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Except for the stuff about Beast Wars characters popping up.
Am of two minds about this. On one hand, characters like Lockdown and Sky-Byte are just treated as 'one of the gang' and remain B-list. And both fill in a rather unique niche (okay, Lockdown could be Axer or Gutcruncher, but Lockdown has far more gravitas than him, at least for me) Bulkhead, I think, is another one shoved in for no good reason. Despite me loving Bulkhead as a character in Animated and Prime, you could replace him with Toomandi and there will be no noticeable changes.

Beast Wars guys are... well, on one hand I like seeing Wapsinator given a pretty good run by Barber (though his appearance in Spotlight Thundercracker is kind of shit), but I really, really hate how Barber handled Rattrap.
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