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And two things mentioned on the Friday I'd forgotten which I don't think had been revealed before:

LSOTW came to be because Hasbro wanted a Wreckers miniseries as a way of creating name recognition prior to their use in the at that point still unnamed third film.

And more importantly, people who read my posts religiously know I've been mildly curious about the fact revealed at AA a few years ago, that of the three "Big" Autobots (Springer, Perceptor and Kup), all were due to die at different points, but one was saved by Hasbro, one by IDW and one because the writers couldn't go through with it. I've speculated ferociously about which was likely to be which, and this was talked about this year:

Spinger: Was intened to die right from the off and well into the process of writing the scripts before Hasbro asked he not be killed [As this seems slightly random- because he's hardly that big a name and Hasbro weren't really doing anything with him at the time- I suspect it's simply the case of him being a favourite character of whoever made that decision].

Perceptor: Denton Tipton (and I've never realised before how much of a silly made up name that sounds...) asked the scientist not be killed as he'd just gone through some major changes and it was felt they could be explored more fully [they haven't really of course, but hey].

Kup: Roche in particular thought he should live because there was a lot more that could be done with his mad zombie-seeing Pretender status. And, as Roche put it "Then Abnett and Lanning killed him. And I drew it!".
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