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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek
LSOTW came to be because Hasbro wanted a Wreckers miniseries as a way of creating name recognition prior to their use in the at that point still unnamed third film.
I totally related to the violent Nascar parody dudes in the third film after reading LSOTW. Great job!

Spinger: Was intened to die right from the off and well into the process of writing the scripts before Hasbro asked he not be killed [As this seems slightly random- because he's hardly that big a name and Hasbro weren't really doing anything with him at the time- I suspect it's simply the case of him being a favourite character of whoever made that decision].
Huh, I had expected that Hasbro veto'd either Perceptor or Kup because they had toys out at that time, IDW to veto Kup because they wanted to kill him off in Infestation, and the writers to veto Springer because they pussied out at the end in order to have Springer appear elsewhere.

Though I suppose Hasbro intervened when they were about to release issue 5, which is why Springer seemed to, for all intents and purposes, die until it's revealed at the last or second-to-last page that, hey, he survives but is injured.

And, as Roche put it "Then Abnett and Lanning killed him. And I drew it!".

Poor Roche.
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