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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
I totally related to the violent Nascar parody dudes in the third film after reading LSOTW. Great job!
As with a lot of Hasbro decisions ("We need to promote the computer game design toys in the comics! Even though the computer games by themselves reach a wider audience, and an audience more likely to include boys of toy buying age, than the G1 comics ever will!) it does seem a bit bonkers.

We should probably be glad IDW actually embraced the idea wholeheartedly and went to their one writer at the time (allowing Furman had "Gone away" at that point and Roberts wasn't onboard yet) in Roche who really, really, really loved Wreckers.

Huh, I had expected that Hasbro veto'd either Perceptor or Kup because they had toys out at that time, IDW to veto Kup because they wanted to kill him off in Infestation, and the writers to veto Springer because they pussied out at the end in order to have Springer appear elsewhere.
Yup, like an M. Night Shillyman twist, it subverted my expectations as well.

Though I suppose Hasbro intervened when they were about to release issue 5, which is why Springer seemed to, for all intents and purposes, die until it's revealed at the last or second-to-last page that, hey, he survives but is injured.

I think it was earlier than that they knew Springer had to live, but equally it was after they decided the final would be at the point the plot hinged on Ironfist and Impactor (who seems never to have been destined to die even though his status as a "Non-proper" character who is most famous for dying should have made him very obvious based on most of the logic I've used to work out who was doomed) being the last two Autobots present.

I think it's been well documented, but if Kup had died, Guzzle would have killed him. So presumably the thinking there was "OK, we've set up the Guzzle/Kup thing, we may not have paid it off now, but at least it can be revisited in future".

And then Infestation happened.

I do feel kind of glad Perceptor wasn't killed, because, as the authors pointed out on the Friday:

Out of all the Wreckers in Last Stand, he's the only one who goes through no changes and no big major character moments. He has cool bits (hanging upside down shooting) but from his point of view he's the character for whom it's the closest to just being another day at the office in terms of how the events impact on him.

And in terms of how seriously Roche and Roberts tried to make sure every character got their moments, they really, really tried hard to make sure Rotorstorm got as much character as possible in the back end of issue two because they knew he was doomed at the start of the third issue.

Another interesting thing they said (which I don't necessarily agree with) is, if Wreckers was being written now, both authors would try and get to Garrus 9 in the present day, much, much quicker than the end of issue 2.

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