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How much of James Roberts whispering softly into your ear can you handle? Another AA recorded Podcast, this time courtesy of The Old Oil House:

Stuff learnt:

Drift and Rodimus were the only characters presented to Roberts at the start of the series. Roberts felt he could only really write Drift by... altering his personality a fair bit and was glad the end of Chaos allowed that.

Rodimus' character is born of Mike Costa not really giving much of a good reason for him to change his name or making much of him carrying the Matrix. He's basically sort of fallen into a hero/leader position without having earned it [almost as if he'd previously been in a badly written comic].

They're at least thinking of including the UKG2 issues in the last UK Classics book. And IDW will be reprinting the main American G2 series (one nice big chunky paperback with Ghosts as well please).

They at least semi-seriously thought of having Swerve "Narrate" the recap that opens each issue.
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