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Do Rebellion own all the Fleetway stuff? I thought they'd just brought the rights to 2000 AD (though that's based on possibly hazy memories on the Big Finish CD that promoted the launch of their series, IIRC the head of Rebellion said Fleetway were glad to see the back of Tharg and company because they'd never really known what to do with it amongst their more kiddy-friendly titles).

Though as I understand it, IDW have the rights to reprint virtually all old Transformers comics automatically, bar those with characters owned by the original company (Spider-Man and so on) and where they still have a liscence themselves. So the Saga of the Allspark thing would have had to be done via a deal with Titan but most of the original comics reprints don't have any involvement from Marvel at all. That's why it's usual for the Marvel logo to be removed from covers as that's something IDW would have to pay for.
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