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So was the Soundblaster/Ratbat thing not announced ages ago? Or was that people talking about their assumptions as if they were fact?
There was a translated interview of a fan with a designer on a toy fair show. Really obscure, like blink and miss it, on the tfw2005 forums. The designer said that they have Ratbat planned/designed.

This was around the time the cassette packs were announced. So this left one cassette with Soundwave, four more released as two packs, and Ratbat on his own.

Seeing as nobody believed that takara would invest on other cassettes, and Ratbar would be too cheap to sell on his own, many, myself included, speculated that a Soundblaster repaint partnered with just Ratbat would be the way to go.

Which, apparently, it is. And today, out of the blue, we get official confirmation of it.

So yes, SB with Ratbat, along with Prowl and his mould mates, make four unique cases in which I was right in my assumptions about takara tomy.
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