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Originally Posted by Summerhayes View Post
Then again this is Death's Head II who I know even less about.
Nineties Wolverine but a roboty-cyborg thing. There we go, now you know everything about Death's Head II.

The original was a decent guest star in TF and other stuff but the concept was worn out long before his solo series was cancelled, especially as the first thing they did was make him less of a complete bastard. Basically the first thing he did was kill Bumblebee, later on he's teaming up with the Fantastic 4. But he's still EDGY because he does something heroic and says "Hope heroism not catching, pays badly, yes?" which still makes him, like, a complete EDGY badass.

Y'know, like nineties Wolverine, who always did what he was ****ing told but just bitched about it.
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