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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
I think its a bit disingenuous to blame the fall of Marvel UK on its roster of characters. The collapse came about due to the company suddenly mushrooming its production beyond its capabilities in 1993, coupled with Marvel having trouble after the speculator bubble burst in 1994 which saw them pull the plug and ultimately sell the UK wing to Pannini.
Now that's just mean, using facts to disprove my inaccurate opinions. BOO! My thoughts were mainly based on the "Complete history of Doctor Who Magazine" that... well Doctor Who Magazine did, where the then head of Marvel UK did blame the collapse on characters being a bit shit. Though, I suppose it's easier to blame fictional people than real ones.

I remain optimistic that this will be a decent little outing for the characters, following a bit of cheer leading by Paul Cornell in the short-lived Captain Britain and MI13 which briefly featured some of the above characters, as well as Kieron Gillen's championing of the original Death's Head in S.W.O.R.D and Iron Man.
If nothing else it'll look great (and Roche is more that a worthy Senior successor, even if I think he strong sharp lines would benefit the original DH more), and I'll definitely be picking it up.

I disagree with Cliffy's snippy comments about the original Death's Head. The original character has proved he has a resonance and longevity that the other M:UK characters haven't had. In terms of his own comic book, it delivered a decent slab of 2000AD-lite adventures in much the same way as Dragon's Claws. Where others may see decay, I saw an attempt to flesh out the character and show more of him.
I thought when reading the original DH and DC series that Death's Head was a much more interesting character than just about all of the Claws, but Dragon and company had the better stories. I think his own series suffered from his villains generally being no where near as interesting as he is.

Just for fun, the reviews I did a few years ago of the trades:
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